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How to join the United Federation of Planets

Before you apply to join the UFP, please make sure that you have read and understood the UFP Constitution.

  1. In order to join us you MUST be registered on the United Federation of Planets Communications Array. If you are not visit our forums by clicking here, and then click on the "Register" link in the middle top of the page and follow the instructions.

  2. Note: When registering please do not include any "rank" designations in your profile other than "Cadet" unless you are approved to enter UFP at a higher rank. Rank designations in profiles are optional in most cases.

  3. Once you have registered on our forums you must post an Oath. To do this you must make a new topic in the "Oaths Forum" (a link to the forum is provided here). In this topic you must post the following and fill in the blanks:

I, _______________ do pledge allegiance to the United Federation of Planets. To serve and protect my fellow officers against enemies, both foreign and domestic, to carry out all lawful orders, and to abide by all provisions within the UFP Constitution and associated policies for as long as I remain a member.

Main Star Trek game Played: _______________
Other Star Trek games Played: _______________
Previous Star Trek Fleets Served in: _______________
Star Trek Online game handle: _______________
MSN/YIM/AIM/ICQ/XFire: _________________
Time zone or nation: ___________________
Any other information here: _______________
  • Once this has been posted you should keep checking back until your oath is accepted or declined. Your oath will most likely be accepted except under extreme circumstances. In the mean time, browse around the visitors forums and interact with UFP officers and the community. Thank you for applying to join the United Federation of Planets, the best and most professional Star Trek gaming clan in the world.
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Lieutenant Ramius
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