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Battle Pics

Added September 26th 2010
"Armada 2 Fleet Operations"


Submited by: Lieutenant Ramius, Second Fleet

Added February 6th 2010
"Fire the quantums!"


Submited by: Admiral Alexrpator, First Fleet CO.

Added October 16th 2008
"Searching the Cosmos"


Submited by: Carbonizer

Added February 20th 2008
A stunning high quality screenshot by Alexraptor, depicting the struggle between the federations finest and an ancient borg cube.


Submited by: [UFP]Alexraptor

Added August 24th 2006
One of many beautiful screenshots taken by Alexraptor. A beautiful constitution refit that remind us of the good old Star Trek movies with the original cast.


Submited by: [UFP]Alexraptor

Added May 7th 2006
[UFP]Picard is the Excalubur class and [UFP]Alexraptor is theDefiant class


Submited by: [UFP]Picard

Submitted by:
Lieutenant Ramius
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