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Welcome to the United Federation of Planets

Greetings, Traveler.

Welcome to the United Federation of Planets. Feel free to look around our website and see who we are and what we have to offer. [UFP] was formed in 2005 by the union of two great veteran fleets, Federation Command [FC] and the Federation [FEDS], with the desire to make the biggest and best trek-only fleets within the community.We support as many Star Trek games as practical and will certainly adopt future Star Trek games, we truly hope you will enjoy our web site and our forums.

[UFP] is always looking for new recruits. Please take a look at our fleet infrastructure and if you have what it takes, don't hesitate to join us. If you've seen enough to convince you already, click here to join us now!

[UFP] was formed under the precepts of fair game-play and equal opportunity. Every cadet who enters the Fleet may one day become Fleet Admiral if he or she is of the right material, or at least go very far in the clan if they present themselves as capable and willing officers. We have many veteran officers with immense experience; that are willing to help you develop any aspect of leadership, gaming, diplomacy, or even role-playing. If Trek is your thing, you'll feel right at home here.

Starting to get interested now? I hope so. Below is a summary of what we have to offer:
  • Increased enjoyment of online gaming
  • Trek-only atmosphere and member pool
  • Diverse fleet with people from all around the globe
  • Military-style command structure
  • Stable Fleet structure
If you're here as a visiting diplomat, please review our Foreign Policy before posting. This ensures that you know what we expect from foreign diplomats and will ensure the most efficient diplomatic relations possible.

Explore strange new worlds.

Battle against fearsome adversaries.

Command the finest in the Fleet!

Public Message to IOC
Greetings Victorious Officers and Enemies of the State.

I write this post to you with much regret, for while I educate you I am unable to enjoy some of the finer things in life.

First of all, please take note that I have not read all of what IOC officers have posted on our blessed forums, I nonetheless have gathered a pretty clear idea from the few I have read. I find it immensely entertaining that IOC officers would have the audacity to come here to spread their propaganda, if at least it were quality written propaganda we could perhaps consider them as "almost" an equal, under normal circumstances [UFP] would not even consider IOC as a organization worth dealing with, you lack the necessary credentials to have any kind of relations with us, war included. Your lack of intellectual abilities is troubling at best. Myself and many other officers of this fine fleet have been part of the community since long before Bridge Commander. We have noticed over the years, with little interest, the rise and fall of dozens of fleets such as yours.

You try to intimidate us by spreading the false idea that you are the source of so many clans dying, you claim to have destroyed several fleets yet in Bridge Commander fleets have always come and gone due to several factors that are beyond your abilities to comprehend. Suffice to say that you cannot destroy an organization simply by beating them at a game. This fleet remains undefeated in all of our wars, this claim is based on proof for we provide sceenshots of every victory and report any loses. Must I remind you that the last time we encountered you we won the war with an outstanding Kill:Death ratio. Your claims on this forums seems to be as funny as your skills in game.

The United Federation of Planets has a glorious history of professionally fought wars in multiple Star Trek games. Many of us were kicking ass in the golden age of Star Trek gaming while you were probably still trying to figure out how to use a computer. The biggest challenge for this blessed fleet is not to defeat you in game, but it is rather having to degrade ourselves to having dealings with you, an unworthy but highly entertaining opponent.

UFP is present on the BC servers, willing and able to destroy you once more to celebrate the new year. We would ask you to try to behave yourselves in order to make this war about competition and not who can misspell the most words but I suspect you are unwilling to "play fair and mature".

Were you to find yourselves courageous enough to fight us in other Star Trek games such as Elite Force, Armada or Starfleet Command 3 you will find that our standard of excellence is even higher in those games.

IOC, you have yet to earn our respect and there is only one way you can accomplish that: by fighting hard, fighting fair and dying well. Your whining and bullshit is unnecessary and will not accomplish anything against a fleet of UFP's stature.

Former Fleet Admiral Picard
Posted on 21 Jan 2011 by Federation News
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