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Promotions and Rank Policy

I. Forward

Advancement in the form of Promotions is one of the longest standing traditions in the United Federation of Planets. Any member who joins the Fleet as a cadet has the chance to one day become the Fleet Admiral. This policy is designed to globalise promotions for all officers granted the authority to promote as stated in the Starfleet and Operations Charters, as well as the Chain of Command.

II. Time Limit

The following minimum service time limits shall apply to officers of UFP. This refers to time in rank. If the promotion occurs before the 15th of the month, the officer is considered to have server the entire month for promotion eligibility. An officer promoted to Commander June 12 is eligible for promotion to Captain in 3 months. This officer can be promoted September 1.
  • Junior Officers (Ensign to Lieutenant), Restriction: 1 Month
  • Officers (Lieutenant Commander to Commander), Restriction: 2 Months
  • Senior Officers (Captain to Commodore), Restriction: 3 Months
  • Senior Officers (Starfleet/Operations Rear Admiral to Starfleet/Operations Admiral), Restriction: 4 Months
  • Flag Officers (Rear Admiral to Admiral), Restriction: At Fleet Admiral's discretion.

Time limits can be waived in the instance of a competition, such as a Battle Report contest. Competitions can only be arranged by the Fleet Admiral, Fleet Executive, Starfleet CO or Operations CO and must be open to at least 5 officers.

Promotion time limits may be waived by the Fleet Admiral, Executive Committee or Council of Admirals.

Time limits can also be waived in the instance of war at the discretion of the Fleet Admiral, Fleet Executive, Starfleet CO or Operations CO, but no more than one promotion can be given per officer prematurely as a result of war-related achievements.

III. Seniority

Seniority is defined as the officer who holds authority at a specific rank grade.

Where two or more officers hold the same rank, seniority is determined by whichever officer was promoted to that rank first. Where two or more officers were promoted to the same rank on the same day, the date of commission (date of graduation from the academy, or initial date of joining UFP at a rank of at least Ensign) denotes seniority. Where both officers were commissioned the same day, and were promoted the same day, the officer who holds seniority is he/she with the highest command position. If this is ambiguous, a member of the Admiral's council can point out which officer holds seniority. This section does not apply to members of the Admirals Council, where by the UFP Constitution the seating arrangement determines an officers absolute rank regardless of their actual rank.

Grades of seniority can exist, such that an officer who was commissioned the earliest holds seniority over the officer who was commissioned the day after who holds seniority over an officer who was commissioned another day after, and so on.

IV. Notification of Promotions

Promotions shall always be made in one forum (for Promotions, Awards and Commendations) visible to all officers of UFP. It is the responsibility of the promoting officer to ensure that there is no conflict with other recent promotions. If there is, the promotion is automatically considered revolked and the promoter will be frowned upon for sloppy promotion preparation. It is expected that promoters from different organisations (e.g. Starfleet and Operations) will share and compare their promotions lists frequently, where neither organisation has the authority to dictate the others lists except where policy permits.

n.b. If you know you were inadvertently promoted to a higher rank in a period of time less than that specified in Section II of this document, it is expected that you will immediately inform the promoting officer of the breach. Doing so will show your CO your high level of maturity and respect to UFP rules, and will likely weigh heavily in favour of your long term career.

V. Types of Promotions

Promotions can be made to multiple officers (a promotions list), or to an individual officer (a field promotion). Promotions lists should have a regular interval, while field promotions can occur at any time.

VI. Frequency of Promotions Lists

Ultimately, promotions depend on supply and demand. As a guide:
  • Fleets and Departments should make monthly promotions lists
  • Starfleet Command and Operations Command should make tri-monthly promotions lists.
  • UFP Command typically makes field promotions.
VII. Additional Restrictions

Additional restrictions on promotions apply where policy permits, and can also be imposed by promoters themselves, but not by any others. However, a CO may still over-rule a promotion that a subordinate makes.

VIII. Promotion Capabilities

  • Operations CO : Promote up to and including the rank of Operations Admiral all officers under his/her command
  • Operations XO: Promote up to and including the rank of Commodore
  • Major Departmental Command: Promote up to and including the rank of Commodore (Security, Engineering and Diplomacy)
  • Security SubDepartments: Promote up to and including the rank of Commander.
  • Other Departmental Command: Promote up to and including the rank of Commander.

Note you cannot promote higher then your own rank regardless of the thresholds

Submitted by:
Admiral Alexraptor
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