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Starfleet Academy

I. Formation

The Council of Admirals hereby forms The Academy of the United Federation of Planets (hereinafter "The Academy"). The purpose of the Academy is to promote the values, rules, and regulations in UFP cadets and crewman (hereinafter "recruits").

II. Command

The Academy will be commanded by a Commandant (Commander) and a Dean (Vice Commander). The Commandant will oversee all operations of the Academy and is the highest authority in the Academy. The Commandant will report to the Starfleet CO and the Council. The Dean will be reponsible for day-to-day operations including organizing training and teaching the rules and regulations of UFP.

III. Powers of the Academy

The Academy hereby enrolls all recruits current and future. The Academy will be responsible for promotions of all recruits until they reach the rank of Ensign. The Academy will coordinate with Security for investigations, expell recruits who do not meet standards, and be responsible for the conduct of its officers.

IV. Recruits

Recruits do not hold the status as an Officer of UFP. They are bound to the same rules and the Constitution, but some lienecy is strongly urged as they are still learning. Recruits will post battle reports, train, and be active to promote within the Academy. Forum access for recruits will be limited to normal Visitor forums and the Academy forums. Officers will have access to the Academy General Comms so Recruits can begin to interact with them.

V. Training

Starfleet will be responsible for providing trainers to the Academy. The Dean will organize with each Squadron commander to set up training dates and times. Each squad will provide a trainer for its game. Trainers may rotate on the Squad Commander's descretion. StarFleet Marines are highly encouraged to help with training whenever possible. Once training is conducted, the recruit will post a battle report on the training and the trainer will verify and comment.

VI. Graduation

The Academy will develop standards for gradution to include a knowledge standard and an hours in game stardard. Upon completion of all Academy stardards and with the approval of the Academy Command, the recruit will be promoted to Ensign and become an Officer of UFP with all the privillages due to an Officer. The Academy will assign the new Officer to a Fleet and Squad in accordance with the main game of the Officer and coordinate with that Fleet and Squad Commanders to accept the new Officer.