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About the Council...

The United Federation of Planets Council of Admirals (hereinafter: Council) has been appointed the highest authority in the Fleet by the Constitution. This authority is superior to that of any ranked officer, the office of Fleet Admiral, and the Executive Committee of UFP. It consists of either five or six officers hand-picked by the Fleet Admiral (who chairs the council) to assist in the legislative and command duties the Fleet requires for its survival. Each councillor occupies one seat on the council as shown, along with that officers name and rank, in the seating diagram below. The silver wreath is the symbol of the council.

The Council is a democratic body which discusses and votes on a range of issues pertinant to the well being and integrity of the Fleet. This includes, in addition to command-related decisions, the creation, destruction and modification of Fleet policy. Most importantly, the council reserves the sole right to modify the UFP Constitution, which is the legisltive foundation of the Fleet on which all policy is based. Only a unanimous ruling from the Council has sufficient authority to modify this document. At the bottom of the page is the constitutional entry for the Council. If this excerpt differs in any way from the Constitution's entry on the Council of Admirals, the Constitution shall hold precedence.

The Current Council Chairman is: Fleet Admiral Church

The Council of Admirals

Council of Admirals
Article IX - The Council of Admirals

The Fleet shall be governed by the Council. The Council of the United Federation of planets shall consist of the following members:
  1. The Fleet Admiral (Seat 1)
  2. The Fleet Executive (Seat 2)
  3. 5 non-executive councillors (Seat 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7)
The Council of the United Federation of Planets runs the Fleet in a democratic fashion. Chaired by the Fleet Admiral, each Council member is entitled to one vote on all matters placed before the Council. The minimum number of officers in the Council at any one time is 5, while the maximum is 7. This is solely at the Fleet Admiral's discretion. Orders or directives issued by the Council cannot be over-ruled except by another Council vote, even if the Fleet Admiral disagrees.

A Council vote is in effect while the following criteria are met:
  1. Less than 7 days have passed since the motion was brought to vote.
  2. Less than 3 Councilmen, or no greater than 50% of active Council body have all voted for or against the motion.
  • If 7 days have passed and less than 50% of the active Council body have not all voted for or against a motion, the motion is automatically suspended.
  • If a vote concludes in a tie, the Fleet Admiral's vote counts for two. If the Fleet Admiral did not vote, the motion is automatically suspended.
On the conclusion of voting, a Council motion is considered passed or resolute by the following unless otherwise stated in this constitution:
  1. 4 Councillors all vote in favour of a motion.
  2. Greater than 50% of the active Council over the 7 day voting period votes in favour of the motion.
An Order of Succession based on Council seating arrangement applies if any Councillor leaves the Fleet. In this arrangement, a lower seat Councillor is automatically moved up one seat if a Councillor of higher seating placement leaves the Fleet or the Council. The Council Chairmen (Fleet Admiral), however, may change the seating arrangement as he/she deems fit. This seating arrangement defines that officer's numerical rank in the Fleet, with the first seat being the commanding officer and so on.

Submitted by:
Admiral Alexraptor
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