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Awards and ribbons

Regular Ribbons


Good Conduct Ribbon:
A small ribbon, given to officers of all ranks for first-rate activity and conduct, can be awarded multiple times.


Merit Ribbon:An officer of any rank can be awarded this ribbon; it is for recognition for much hard work done that has uphold the principles and prestige of the United Federation of Planets. Can be awarded once only.


Prestige Ribbon: Awarded to a officer who dedicated his time and energy to enhance the image of the United Federation of Planets without compromising his duties. An officer with who has recruited five or more members into our clan will recieve this.


Advanced Prestige Ribbon: Advanced version of the above, awarded to a officer who dedicated his time and energy to enhance the image of the United Federation of Planets without compromising his duties. This award is given to an officer who has brought prestige to the fleet.


Appreciation Ribbon: Can be awarded by any Commanding Officer to a subordinate who has done a incredible job during an assignment. Can be awarded once only.


Department of Personnel Ribbon: Awarded to any officer who has assisted the department to achieve its goals. This ribbon is given to a creative officer who went beyond the line of duty to recruit and help new cadets. It can also be awarded at the discretion of the Department of Personnel CO for any service rendered to the departement.


Task Force Red (No Longer Active): This is a special award given by the Fleet Admiral to a particular officers that helped in the creation and development of the [UFP] Fleet in STO during Head Start.


Battle Ribbon (No Longer Active):

War Ribbons (No Longer Active)..


53rd War Ribbon:
A war easily won against a SFC3 clan shortly after their defeat the clan closed.


SFTF War Ribbon: A war against a trouble maker clan "Star Fleet Tactical Force" that disturbed the whole community in many Star Trek games. The war ended with a 90+ % of victories for UFP.


UFDF-XFS War ribbon : A outstanding victory against the UFDF-XFS alliance. We have lost no war engagement during this conflict. It would be fair to mention that most of the war games were played against UFDF since XFS is a non trek clan.


DFP War Ribbon: The Democratic Federation of Planets, a fleet created by a handful of former UFP officers who tried to make a rebellion while trying to poach from our ranks. DFP Admitted defeat on February 4th, 2008. 24 Engagements won versus 4 loses.


DD/SAW War ribbon: A war against the "Devil Dogs" and its allies who disrupted the Star trek Bridge Commander community with their submit or die policy. A outstanding victory for UFP with 1,482 kills versus 479 loses.

Battle Report Ribbons..


Battle Report - One Star Ribbon: Awarded at 50 posted Battle Reports.


Battle Report - Two Stars Ribbon: Awarded at 100 posted Battle Reports.


Battle Report - Three Stars Ribbon: Awarded at 150 posted Battle Reports.


Battle Report - Four Stars Ribbon: Awarded at 200 posted Battle Reports.


Battle Report - Gold Stars Ribbon: Awarded at 500 posted Battle Reports.

Academy Ribbons  


Academy Volunteer: Awarded to anyone that is not connected to the Academy, but has given up their own time to assist a cadet in any way.


Academy Appreciation : Awarded to anyone that the Commandant feels has made a significant contribution the the Academy.


Outstanding Academy Achievement : Can be awarded to either outstanding cadets or Academy Officers by the Academy Commandant.


Academy Excellence Medal : This is awarded for exemplary leadership and commitment to the Academy that goes abive and beyond normal duties.


United Federation of Planets Service Medals

Gold: Five years of service

Silver: Three years of service

Bronze: One year of service


United Federation of Planets Elite Cross:
Awarded to the officer who, in the Admiral's Council Judgment, has been one of the most effective pilot in a war.


United Federation of Planets Service Medal:
Awarded to any officer who has served the fleet for one year continuously. This medal can only be given once.


The Honor Medal: The highest award possible in the UFP. The recipient of this distinguished honor must have done something remarkable to the fleet, or served it above and beyond the level of expectations, being superior in all aspects of the online gaming experience. Is often someone others look up to, and is a natural leader. Awarded by a majority vote by all serving members of the Admiral's Council.


The Flying Cross: Awarded to the Federation officer who scores the most kills for our side in an engagement. This medal is the most valuable wartime medal available as the bearer has shown him/herself to be the best fighter within the fleet.


Hall of Fame medal: Medal awarded to all officers added to the hall of fame complete definition can be found on the HOF page.


Crimson Heart: Awarded to an officer who has shown their dedication to The United Federation of Planets and its officers awarded to someone who given a piece of their soul to make UFP a better clan. M ust have served at least 6 months in the fleet.


Fleet Admiral Star: This is a special award given by the Fleet Admiral to a particular officer. Normally, this officer has given their time and support to the Fleet Admiral in time of need. They were an invaluable asset and a wonderful officer to have around. This award can only be given once and only by the Fleet Admiral, souly on their discretion.

Signature dimension medals shown above full dimension medals are available on demand.

Submitted by:
Admiral Alexraptor
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