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The UFP Foreign Policy and Diplomatic Relations


The United Federation of Planets does not take matters of inter-galactic relations lightly. Our alliances and treaties tend to reflect what we consider to be in the best interests of the fleet, and not based on personal feelings of affection for others. However, despite the aforementioned, we believe that diplomacy should be highly sought after and developed, and that our alliances hold for legitimate and valid reasons.

Official Pacts

We are by nature a passive Fleet and unless you take a provokative stance UFP will have no reason to engage you. If your organization wishes to begin formal relations with us, a well-written letter of introduction with key information is all that is required. Though nothing is guaranteed, we do value diplomatic contact in any form and would do all we can to accommodate your formal request in a timely and professional matter. In accordance with the above, the Federation offers the following forms of diplomatic pacts:

Protectorate Pact (PP) - We will offer this pact to any fleet who we feel is being poorly treated by another, or who cannot sustain themselves without help and we shall provide it. We only offer these pacts to Fleets we consider worthy of protecting and are on good terms with UFP, and only where UFP's other commitments and arrangements do not interfere. This pact, once accepted, is a one sided defense arrangement in which the UFP will provide military and political protection to the protectorate. We ask for no remuneration, this is our duty to the community. Visiting Fleets who apply for this form of pact are generally ignored for this is not a bodyguard service.

Intervention Pact (IP)/War Alliance - UFP and other signatories shall agree to intervene in a military and/or political arena if a certain condition is breached. For instance, if Fleet A is invaded by Fleet B, IP Pact Fleets C, D and E will engage Fleet B. This form of pact is a political pact and is used to defer war by proving its futility through show of strength. This pact can either be made publically or secretly.

Non-Agression Pact (NAP) - This is a pact of recognition that the involved clans are in a pact together. This is a sign that the involved clans will have some respect for each other when gaming or in contact with each other. This does not guarantee support in any wars. This treaty will remain in effect untill either side breaks the pact. A request can be made to be released from this pact.

Mutual Protection Pact (MPP) - This is UFP's NATO style alliance pact. For all practical reasons a MPP is to be considered an alliance. This pact brings together the signatories against an external agressor who starts military action against one of the signatories. This means that both signatories would provide support in the areas of logistics, professional soldiers, and intelligence that is relevant to the war effort if requested by either side.

Alliance - This pact guarantees that the Federation shall support another organization during times of war, defensive or not, and vice versa. UFP rarely enters this form of pact even with its closest friends due to the "blank cheque" nature of this alliance. In the event that an alliance holder of the Federation enters into a conflict with another entity, it is expected that their leaders would privately inform the Diplomacy CO, a UFP Councillor or the President of the United Federation of Planets immediately. Upon notification, the United Federation of Planets would contribute to the war effort by providing assistance in the matters of intelligence and logistics. Military intervention on behalf of the Federation would occur when the President has decided upon a wise course of action and has formulated a strategy to guarantee that the United Federation of Planets and her ally will emerge victorious.

The following non-pact relations may be assigned to a Fleet at UFP's discretion:

Neutral - This is our default relation status with any new or existing clan or fleet unless otherwise stated.

Enemy - You are listed as an enemy of UFP. We will not have relations with you and we are probably at war with you.

General Pact Terms and Conditions

By applying for any form of pact with UFP, you automatically agree to abide by the following rules and regulations:
  • Any fleet wishing to seek relations with the Federation must have a minimum of five officers.

  • You must not be at war with any other fleet that we hold a pact with, doing so immediately disqualifies you from becoming a pact holder.

  • As a sign of the allegiance, both parties must display the appropriate condition status on their web sites regarding the pact, as well as a link to that fleets home page.

  • IMPORTANT! By entering any form of pact with us you agree to acknowledge that during condition blue, all pacts and alliances are suspended. This is done only for very valid reasons (times of inactivity, Christmas holidays etc.)

Application for a "Merger"

By applying for a merger, you automatically agree to become a subordinate body of the United Federation of Planets, and as such the maximum rank achievable by any level of officer during the exchange is Commodore (which is usually reserved for the Fleet CO), with the majority of the members receiving either Ensign or Lieutenant Junior Grade. It is important for your officers not to dispute the ranks given, we prefer a pyramid-like chain of command for efficient running.

All awards an officer in the merging fleet has are not convertible to the United Federation of Planets equivalent, unless agreed to before hand.

No command spot is guaranteed, unless pre-arranged. Fleet CO and XO spot is non-exchangeable during any merger, as well as the clan name, it is expected that the fleet applying for a merger is willing to adapt to and accept our culture.

Once the merger has taken place, it can not be revoked by either side. Any officer attempting to disrupt the integration process shall be thrown out of the Fleet, and banned. We hope that any fleet applying for a merger is doing so for the benefit of their membership, and have already taken measures to prepare their officers for the fact that they can face serious reductions in rank.

UFP Alert Condition Status

UFP has four fleet-wide condition status levels which we use. The condition status is chosen by the Fleet Admiral, Fleet Executive or the Council of Admirals to best organise the Fleet depending on the state of relations with other clans. Our website home page lists our current status in the left column.

Condition Green signifies a "normal" risk of attack. Starfleet Officers of all fleets are to carry out standard patrol duties. This is the preferred condition status for diplomatic relations building.
Condition Yellow signifies a heightened risk of attack. The Starfleet Marines are ordered to raise shields and prepare for imminent conflict, and the rest of the Fleet is placed on stand by and advised to be vigulent. Diplomacy is instructed to make clear UFP's stance during this period and keep the Fleet up to date.
An enemy attack appears imminent or has begun. Condition red requires the First Fleet to be completely mobilised and the 2nd and 3rd Fleets to be placed in reserve. Starfleet Security is instructed to complete Condition Red objectives to lockdown the fleet against cyber attacks. Diplomacy is instructed to keep the Fleet up to date with developments on the military front and to keep our allies informed of our progress. War is looming or has begun, and we are ready for it.
This is our special alert status for unique times of inactivity (e.g. Christmas/New Years). UFP is placed into a state of community isolation, all Diplomacy treaty obligations are temporarily suspended and foreign relations are put on hold. UFP is temporarily placed in hibernation mode. All officers are automatically granted leave but are free to continue their normal duties.

Current Diplomatic Relations Standings
Pact Level Name and Tags Website URL
Hazard Team [HT] http://www.thehtclan.net
Starfleet [SF] http://www.starfleets.st
Wolf Pack =WP= http://wolf-pack-clan.net
Starfleet Command [SFC] http://starfleetcommand.st
Red Squadrons [RS] http://www.redsquadron.org/
The Brotherhood of the Risen Phoenix [RPHX] http://www.therisenphoenixfleet.com/
Liberation Armada [LA] http://liberationarmada.net/
Federation Attack Division [FAD] http://fadclan.kicks-ass.net/
Vulcan Kolinahr Fleet [VKF] http://www.vulcankolinahrfleet.com/
Imperial Order Clan [IOC] http://www.imperialorderclan.com/